Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Day Frank Colacurcio pulled a fast one on the Seattle Times -- or did he?

The death of "Seattle nightlife figure" Frank Colacurcio Sr. this week ended a fascinating chapter in local law enforcement and concluded with a long story in the Seattle Times about his career.

Missing from the coverage was what sure looked like a stunt pulled by Colacurcio on his media nemesis. Back in 1995, the Times sent a photographer out to shoot Colacurcio for a feature on the operator of strip clubs. When the photographer arrived, someone else sat for the photo. The Times, embarrassed when the story ran and many pointed out the erroneous headshot, ran a correction.

Was that playful payback by Colacurcio for decades of negative coverage or just a case of a film negative resulting from a simple misunderstanding?

The Times ran a straightforward headline on the correction: "Correction -- Photos Weren't Of Colacurcio."

But couldn't The Times have done a play on that famous NY Daily News headline with something like, "Wrong Head Found in Topless Bar?"

P.S. The image with this posting is purportedly a 1980 Seattle P-I photo of Colacurcio. Or is it?

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